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which he said repeatedly at that time
All the designers who work at Chloé
the French brand uses photographer Guy Bourdin to trace its history

photographed by Guy Bourdin for French Vogue


“He said that a Vionnet dress was as exotic to him as a dress from Afghanistan


I think ‘femininities’ can be lots of different things
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Since Chloé is to launch a new designer next season – Natacha Ramsay-Levi
“Femininities – Guy Bourdin” is at the Maison Chloé
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fancy contrast to her male peers?
“The femininity that people associate with Chloé is narrower than the reality within the archive


The accompanying catalogue


or the clothing on display? Clark finds different ways of focusing on Chloé プロMT 4 x 4トラック中古4 WDローラープロラインレーシング400 - 00レーシング